Sonja Manojlović

Sonja Manojlović was born in Zagreb in 1948 and graduated with a degree in philosophy and comparative literature from the University of Zagreb.

She published her first book of poetry, Tako prolazi tijelo (Thus Vanishes the Body), in 1965, followed by Davnog stranca ljubeći (Loving a Bygone Stranger) in 1968, Sarabanda (poems in prose) in 1969, Jedan espresso za Mariju (An Espresso for Maria) in 1977, Civilne pjesme (Civil Poems) in 1982, Babuška (Babushka ) in 1987, Njen izlog darova (Her Show-Window of Gifts) in 1999, Vješturkov tanac (Wizard’s Dance) in 2001, Upoznaj Lilit (Meet Lilith, selected poems 1965-2002) in 2002 (2nd edition in 2003), and Čovječica (A She-Man) in 2005. In 2008 she published, in collaboration with Saša Šekoranja, Pjesme i crteži (Poems and Drawings). In 2010, her collection Hod na rukama (Walking on Hands) was published, followed by A sa šest labradora na more putovat ću (And With Six Labradors I Shall Travel to the Seaside) in 2012.

Sonja Manojlović/ Saša Šekoranja: Daj naslov (Give Me a Title, poems and drawings); Zagreb, October 2013.

Dobri za sve( People Usable to Everything) 2016.

Gledajući odgovore (Looking at the Answers) 2018.

Šale i opomene (Jokes and Admonitions) 2022.


In addition to her numerous collections of poetry, she also published a collection of short prose titled Mama, ja sam don Juan (Mom, I’m Don Juan) in 1978.


Her poems have been included in numerous anthologies and translated into more than 20


She has been the recipient of numerous literary awards (Croatia, Greece, India, Japan, Russia).